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Tamara Smith I Vice-President, Strategic Marketing I Agilus Work Solutions

Tamara Smith I Vice-President, Strategic Marketing I Agilus Work Solutions
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3 ways social media can help further your career

When it comes to your career, you might not consider social media important, or even that useful a tool to you — that is, unless you’re in Media, Marketing, or you’re a Content Creator. Yes, we know…

Oct 14, 2021 10:18:21 AM

How to fall in LOVE (with your job) again!

The covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes in the Canadian Job market. Millions are reconsidering their relationship to their jobs, according to a TIME magazine report. If you are also…

Feb 17, 2021 10:04:04 AM

5 ways networking can help find your next job

Over the years, networking has become an important and effective tool to recover careers and get back into the job market.

Aug 12, 2020 12:13:17 PM

National Engineering Month – The story behind “The Iron Ring”

Although Covid-19 dominates our news channels, many of us may have forgotten that March is also National Engineering Month. With all of the havoc this pandemic is playing in our daily lives, perhaps…

Mar 30, 2020 5:10:22 PM

Interviewing in the winter? Check out these fashion tips.

Making the best first impression is imperative to a successful interview. And your attire will play a key role. If dressing for an interview wasn’t hard enough, the freezing weather makes it even…

Feb 5, 2020 1:53:55 PM

Holiday Job Search – Tis the Season

There’s lot of advice out there saying this is the worst time to be looking for a job. But it’s actually a great time. While other job seekers are sipping eggnog, you can stand out in the crowd.

Dec 18, 2019 11:53:40 AM