Highest Paying Jobs in Canada in 2022-2023 

Job vacancies in every sector have been going up in Canada in the last two years. The country has recovered lost jobs after employment rates had reached a record low (52.10%) in April 2020 proceeding the global pandemic. We recently made a list of the most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2022-23, and while that list focuses more on current and predicted job vacancies, this one is more about the highest-paid jobs in Canada.  

Here are ten of the highest paying jobs in Canada in 2022-23: 

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada in 2022-2023 

Doctors – Surgeons and Dentists 

Being one of the most essential jobs in the world today, it’s no surprise that surgeons and dentists top our list; the job requires them to work in high-pressure situations, make choices that radically improve people’s lives, and even make life-or-death decisions at times. Surgeons in Canada make an average of $165,278 per year. While dentistry is a completely different branch of medicine, dentists also earn quite well in Canada, making an average of $127,000 per year. 


Software engineers and software developers 

Software engineers earn an average of $84,766 annually in Canada. Digital technology is evolving at an incredible pace and the more we explore and innovate with it, the more complicated it gets to work on. It also helps that software has applications in every other industry out there. With demand for qualified and highly skilled candidates increasing, there is the opportunity for salaries to increase accordingly. 



A job where you have the responsibility to fly a giant metal tube full of people thousands of feet in the sky across countries can’t not be a well-paid job. With travel restrictions slowly dissipating, and people eager to spend on travel, the demand for skilled pilots has been increasing. Airline pilots are paid on a gate-to-gate or per-flight basis, and the national average salary for a pilot in Canada is $105,314. 



Depending on the law that they are practising, lawyers have the potential to earn an average of $97,850 annually in Canada. Not only can this number vary on the type of law, but also on the number of clients served, and whether you are a partner in a limited company. The job is difficult, inherently requires them to compete with other lawyers, and requires the person to be extremely detail-oriented, think logically, and make important decisions that require a mountain of knowledge. 


CEOs and CFOs 

CEOs and CFOs make decisions that can make or break a business. While CEOs manage the strategic direction of a business through managing internal resources and external opportunities and risks CFOs manage the company’s monetary and financial resources. CEOs make an average of $125,721 in Canada, while CFOs make an average of $137,469. You may find it odd a CFO would make more than a CEO, however, there are more CEOs in smaller businesses and CFOs tend to be more prevalent in larger enterprises. 


IT Project Managers 

When it comes to IT or software projects, developers and managers work in tandem. Aside from directly managing various aspects of the project, project managers also work on developer queries, translate, and document project requirements, and communicate with internal and external stakeholders. IT project managers make an average of $91,300 in Canada.  


University professors 

University professors in Canada make an average of $92,580 annually. University professors not only design and teach a required curriculum in a particular sector or subject, but they also continuously monitor and upskill their knowledge base and often are required to publish peer-reviewed papers and books to demonstrate their knowledge remains relevant. Teaching is an extremely important and difficult profession that directly impacts the future of thousands of students every year.  


Marketing directors 

Digital channels have exponentially changed the way businesses speak and sell, allowing for larger audiences, more dispirit markets and the real-time tracking of the effectiveness of each message. Marketing directors in Canada make an average of $94,925 annually. Canadian companies have been spending more on advertising year over year, and with so much of outreach and brand perception depending on marketing, it is no surprise that marketing directors are one of the highest paying jobs in Canada in 2022-23.  


There isn’t a huge overlap between this list and the list of the most in-demand jobs, as compensation depends on more than just demand. It also depends on the difficulty of the job, the responsibilities and risks involved, as well as the magnitude of the decisions some of these professionals make daily. 

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