COVID-19 – Business as Unusual

Business as Unusual

Our clients are facing unique challenges in a unprecedented economic reality. There is no game plan for reopening businesses and returning to work safely. Whether you are looking for temporary, contract or permanent workers, or advice on how to safely return your staff to work, we are your staffing partner.

Here are some resources to keeping everyone safe in the workplace:

Safely Returning to Work Guide

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Some provinces are ready to open Canada back up for business – safely and gradually. So how do businesses keep their employees safe and not start a second pandemic? This guide offers some practical implementation steps for employers to consider prior to reopening or expanding existing operations.

PSA on the Use of Masks

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Social media has been flooded lately with information about COVID-19, this time about masks – homemade, cloth, paper, and others. While there are some cool ideas on how to make masks, it’s important to understand the benefit vs. risk. Here is some information from the Public Health Agency of Canada website that answers some questions about masks.

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We have an engaged work community of 700,000+ candidates and over 50 recruiters and account manager to help you maximize the opportunities and navigate through the risks of today’s pandemic. For many of us it is Business as Unusual. We have a series of proprietary documents to help you navigate your business through this difficult time.

Keeping the Human in Human Resources when your employees return to Work

Thumbnail Keeping the Human in Human Resources

Once government and provincial health authorities are confident that the pandemic has waned and the risk of COVID-19 exposure has lowered, businesses need to consider how to plan for de-confinement. Unlike the March madness of moving your workforce to work remotely, closing your business down temporarily, or temporarily shrinking your headcount to make ends meet, the planning to go “back to work” can be more proactive, but also more significantly more complicated.

The Future of Tech in a Post-Covid World

Thumbnail The Future of Tech in a Post-Covid World

While there is no time machine or crystal ball to help us see into the future, there are numerous trends and assumptions happening now that can help us predict how technology will be changed by the global pandemic. We’ve spoken to our clients, candidates and subject matter experts. Based on these conversations, we see three themes that are driving the future of technology and may play a role in your hiring plans.

Connection and Identity in the New Reality

Thumbnail Connection and Indentity in the New Reality

In the past, a temporary layoff might have been seen as a break, or an opportunity to assess what career means to the person. However, now, we have the added layers of physical/social distancing and the practical considerations of health and safety across families and friends. How we express our professional identity may be different in our current world.