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The Agilus Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Team was formed with representatives from across Canada, in different roles and organizational levels to provide insight and guidance on diversity and inclusion at Agilus. The goals of the team are to raise awareness, increase our understanding and foster a sense of belonging for everyone. We engage our communities, for example participating in the Calgary Pride Parade and Skipping Stone’s Trans Affirming Network certification for our Calgary office.

Our diversity & inclusion programs

Diversity Survey

Our Agilus EVERYONE Survey gave us meaningful insights from the Agilus team members. The results of the survey were released internally as a separate report comprising of infographics with definitions, contextual Canadian statistical references, and thought-provoking questions. The report touched upon several important topics such as:

  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Marital Status & Caregiving
  • Origins & Beliefs
  • Disability
  • How we work with each other
  • Discrimination & Harassment

Celebrating days of importance

Celebrating days of importance was a critical part of building traditional in-office experiences. Employees were asked days of importance that they would like to be recognized based on their religious beliefs or cultural significance and those days were recognized internally on our intranet site (Yello!) as well as on our social media channels through creative images, messaging, and resources. Some days of importance included time for speakers and/or additional resources including videos, information, and discussion points to help our teams become aware and understand the day’s significance. Teammates were also encouraged to submit family photos celebrating days that were special to them.


Each new team member in Agilus is welcomed with a diversity and inclusion team member as part of their onboarding schedule. During such a session, new employees get a chance to talk candidly about diversity and inclusion-related topics that are close to them. This session also provides a window for our new team members to see what the D&I team does and an opportunity for them to voluntarily participate in the D&I programs.