Talent Assessment

According to research, organizations that use pre-hire assessments are 24% more likely to have employees who exceed performance goals. -Medium.com

Talent assessment is an excellent tool to evaluate top candidates for any role. It can provide insights about a job applicant beyond the traditional academic and experience information mentioned in their CV. Talent assessment can help you identify if a candidate is good match to a particular role, team and your organization culture by providing in-depth information such as a candidate's working style, personality traits, technical acumen, attitude etc. Further it can help you create a professional development plan, identify high potentials and proactively mitigate performance inhibitors.

Research indicates that talent assessments can enable employers to:

  • Predict candidate's success in a role
  • Decrease chances of employee attrition
  • Increase productivity

Agilus Talent Assessment can give you a complete picture

Agilus has certified practitioners on staff who are trained in Thomas Assessments. Thomas International is the leading talent assessment platform provider with over 23 million tests conducted.  

These assessments can help answer your questions like:

Online assessments can help answer your questions_ (3)


Why Agilus Talent Assessment Works?

Agilus Talent Assessment works for three reasons:Online assessments can help answer your questions_ (2)-1

  • Scientific Approach: Our talent assessment supports selection choices, determines role and culture fit and helps guide how to best develop and retain a candidate once hired.
  • Choice of assignments: Our clients benefit from two levels of assessment - basic and premium, that are curated to cater to specific job profiles.
  • No more guesswork: Talent assessments take the guesswork
    out of evaluating candidates for your roles.