Top Engineering jobs with salaries
April 2024

Our Ten Top In-Demand Engineering Roles and What They Pay

The world of work is changing fast, with salary transparency becoming the norm. At Agilus, our team of recruiters are always keeping tabs on the latest changes in salaries for diverse skillsets and experience levels. We connect regularly  with our work communities to understand salary expectations for job seekers and our clients.
Our Engineering recruitment team can answer your questions on salary and Agilus' Total Work Rewards approach that focuses on meaningful relationships, work-life balance and making sure both, employers and employees mutually benefit from work. Total Work Rewards is shaping a future where work is based on mutual rewards, connections and better outcomes for all.

Here is a snapshot of top roles & salaries updated quarterly from  our market intel: 



Engineering Page 1 CANADA-WIDE
Engineering Page 2 - ONTARIO
NEW Engineering  Page 3 - Alberta
Engineering - Page 4 ALBERTA
Engineering Page 5 ALBERTA