Types of Jobs

Permanent jobs

A permanent job simply means you have an employment contract where there is no set end date and you are paid directly by the employer. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the employer will pay your taxes and other burdens directly to the federal and provincial governments, with you receiving your net pay.  Permanent employees do not have a predetermined end date to employment so many financial institutions will prefer permanent employment when  qualifying for a mortgage or credit card.

Agilus we can help place you with our client as a permanent employee. Agilus is hired by the client to source, present, and reference talented candidates like you. Our work doesn’t stop once you’ve had the interview! We negotiate your salary, benefit, and start date, so you are off on your next career adventure!

Contract jobs

Many of our employees are subject matter experts in their field. If you are an independent contractor or a sole proprietor looking to partner with top employers across Canada, we may be the right partner for you. Whether you are an Engineer, an IT professional, or a graphic designer who freelances, you offer our clients a valuable alternative to a permanent or temporary staffing arrangement. With expertise in placing contractors for over 43 years, rest assured that Agilus will manage your contract seamlessly.

Temporary jobs

A “temporary job” can mean so many things. It could be a few days on assignment, filling in for maternity leave, sampling a new career, or just looking to ease your way back into the working world. A temp job is a flexible solution for you and our clients. We have a wide range of temporary jobs to fit the “work” in your work+life equation, whatever that might be.

Search Tips

Make sure you’re consistently refreshing your resume. Won an award? Put it on there. Big promotion? Let’s see it! Save time and update your resume frequently by keeping a working copy on hand.

Use a job-specific resume, always. Don’t use one resume for every single job you apply to but create different versions that focus on the specific industries or skills for the role at hand. Make sure you tailor your experiences to the job you’re applying for and customize your cover letter accordingly.

An unavoidable part of the job application process is rejection. It sucks, we know that, we’ve been there too. It’s important to keep going. Every application you submit is a step closer to your next role.

Stay organized! Make looking for a job your full-time job. Get up, get dressed, grab a coffee and get to work. Apply early to any job postings that suit your skills. Connect with recruiters, network with friends and family. Schedule pre-screens and interviews. Keep track of the log-in accounts you create, the interviews you attend, ask for feedback, and schedule follow-up appointments. Take time for yourself in the afternoon (go for a run, read a book, volunteer at your kids’ school), and then circle back towards the end of the day to attend to any new messages in your inbox.

Keep an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Hiring managers will look at your online presence, including your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media sites where you are active.


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