When there is work to be done, and not enough staff on your team, hiring a temporary or contract employee can be the perfect solution. Skilled, tested, and ready to contribute from day one, temporary and contract employees can jump in and help your team meet deadlines. Call, email, or contact us via this website, and we can get working on your order needs right away.



When you need a subject matter expert, a contractor Is an effective way to meet your business goals. Our contract employees may be classified as an Independent Contractor, a Sole Proprietor, or a T4 employee. Agilus partners with contractors with Engineering, IT and Professional skills that can join your team and push your projects over the finish line.

With 43 years experience placing contractors, you can count on Agilus to onboard contractors seamlessly.

Temp to Perm

Feeling a little anxious about making an offer? A temp to perm contract gives you and our employee a chance to test the waters, and test whether the role is a good fit for both parties. The temporary employee goes on our payroll for the first few months, and when you are ready to transition them to a permanent role, we make the process smooth and seamless. What could be easier?


In a candidate tight market, managing the recruitment process is hard to do. Our recruitment consultants focus on nothing else. When you need a new colleague and don’t have the time and resources to find talent, our recruitment process will ensure we keep you organized. We will screen, short-list, and present top candidates for you to interview. We will support you through the offer and onboarding stage and keep engaged with you and your new start for the first three months. Let us hold your hand as you welcome new colleagues onto your team.


You have found someone who can help your team succeed, but you have no extra headcount in your budget. Refer your candidate to us, and we will get them on-boarded and onto our payroll right away. You save money as you have taken care of the sourcing and recruiting, and we help you get the resources you need. Payrolling is an easy way to bring back retired colleagues, subject matter experts for projects, and great employee referrals.

Integrated Staffing Partnerships (ISP)

You run a production, manufacturing or warehouse operation, and you spend all day managing your staffing partners. Worried that one staffing agency cannot fulfill your needs, you have brought in multiple vendors. Coordinating your staffing needs takes up most of your day. Integrated Staffing Partnerships (ISP) is our offering for you. We will present our partnership model and work to become your trusted right hand. Our flexible and creative solutions will allow you to get back to your daily priorities, while we concentrate on what we do best: source, recruit, and place talented employees to meet your business needs. At ISP, one size does not fit all.

Master Vendor

You currently partner with a number of staffing firms, but you are tired of juggling multiple staffing relationships, contractual terms, invoicing and reporting. A master vendor arrangement allows you to keep your trusted suppliers engaged, while simplifying your staff augmentation process. We will present our master vendor model to you and work to become your single staffing partner. We coordinate your staffing vendors and provide consolidated terms, invoicing, and reporting. We get that you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, and this model allows you to have the best of both worlds. How good does that sound?