(formerly Design Group Staffing)

Agilus provides recruitment solutions for engineering roles across a variety of business sectors.

Here are the industries we serve:

Design & Architecture

Recruiting at all levels for architecture and design companies, including space planners, architects, and drafters, Agilus will find the right match for your company’s needs and skillsets required.


Agilus partners with construction companies to fill a variety of temporary or permanent positions from project managers, to office administrators.


We have a range of opportunities in the manufacturing industry, from quality assurance to project engineers, plant managers and mechanical technicians.


Agilus provides high-level talent to mining companies from field trades to mining engineers and construction managers.

Oil & Gas

We work to fill positions in oil and gas companies for exploration and production, including turnaround specialists, geoscientists, and project directors.


Talk to us to see how we partner with pipeline companies to fill needs ranging from specialist roles including planners, design engineers, and integrity specialists.