With 48 years of experience and a community of over 160,000 qualified and experienced PEng., PMP®*, Agile®*, SigmaSix®*, LEAN® professionals, and turnaround specialists, we have enabled engineering businesses across Canada to find reliable, qualified and experienced workforce for their needs. As Canada's largest engineering recruitment firm, we can support your engineering, technical and field operations talent needs. 

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The Canadian engineering sector, valued at $46.4 billion in 2023, has seen steady growth averaging 5.9% annually from 2018 to 2023. With a total national membership of 319,023 engineers as of December 2022, marking a 5.4% increase since 2021, Canada's engineering workforce is robust and expanding. Positioned at the forefront of technological advancement and sustainable solutions, the Canadian sector is anticipated to experience continued growth, particularly in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering disciplines, according to Engineers Canada.

Curious about the engineering sector in Canada? Explore the current state of the Canadian engineering workforce, by delving into key trends, challenges, and opportunities that engineering professionals and businesses encounter in this dynamic sector. From advancements in renewable energy to the integration of Artificial Intelligence, the engineering workforce is expected to adapt and thrive in Canada's diverse and vibrant engineering landscape.

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Agilus Work Solutions has been delivering specialized recruitment services for engineering, technical, technical sales and field operations for more than four decades. We also complement our clients’ engineering work force with experienced and qualified skilled trades candidates. We work with an engaged work community which helps us match businesses & candidates in a timely, organized and efficient manner.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our field contractors and shutdown/turnover professionals. We redeploy our best contractors, who have exceeded our clients expectations time and time again, to save you time & money.

Here are the industries we serve:

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We partner with Construction, Design & Architecture companies to help them find professionals for temporary & permanent positions. From project managers to architects & drafters, our vast candidate database helps us to fill even the most specialized talent requirement. 


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The utility sector comprises of three major categories: Hydro, Natural Gas & Sewage systems & some smaller sectors. Our utility clients rely on us to provide qualified, skilled & licensed professionals to ensure services are delivered consistently and safely.





We have a range of candidates in the manufacturing industry, from quality assurance to project engineers, plant managers & mechanical technicians helping our clients succeed.

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Talk to us to see how we partner with Oil & Gas, Pipeline and Energy companies to fill roles ranging from planners, design engineers, & integrity specialists to project managers and environmental engineers.


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Our clients trust us to provide high-level talent for their mining business, right from field trades to mining engineers & Construction managers.

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Consulting Engineering (EPCM)

Looking for engineering contractors for your next project? We can help you find ready to work, knowledgeable & highly skilled professionals right when you need.

Although we believe candidate attraction & talent acquisition is far more dynamic than just salary, please follow this link to see salary ranges of some of our most common roles.

Whether you are a small, owner-operated business or a large national or multinational corporation, Agilus provides recruitment solutions for engineering roles across a variety of sectors. Let's talk about your hiring needs. Reach out to us right away!


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