Life at Agilus


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Core Values

At the heart of our mission and guiding every decision, our core values drive us to excellence and shape the way we make a positive impact.

Social Impact

We make an impact and give back.

At Agilus, we're dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. Our passionate employees lead various fundraisers throughout the year to support important causes. Whether it's collecting food donations for local food banks, organizing toy drives for underprivileged children, or contributing to mental health associations, we actively engage in activities that benefit those in need.


But we don't stop there. We also foster a spirit of philanthropy by supporting the Canadian Mental Health Association’s national Bounceback® program.


Through our commitment to employee involvement and a wide range of charitable initiatives, Agilus strives to create a lasting and meaningful social impact in the communities we call home. Join us as we make a difference together.

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DEI&B Activities

Embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

At Agilus, we are a diverse group of 200+ professionals who strive to create an environment where every colleague feels valued, respected, and empowered. Through initiatives like regular surveys, we gather feedback to continuously improve and implement targeted strategies. We celebrate and highlight the achievements of diverse communities through virtual events on special occasions and invite guest speakers to provide educational opportunities for our employees, as well as share a wealth of DEI&B-related resources on our intranet.


Check out our DEI&B page for more information.


Building community and creating lasting memories.

We believe in working hard and playing even harder while creating a strong sense of belonging within our company.


At Agilus, we place great value on fostering a strong and vibrant community within our organization. Throughout the year, we organize a variety of company events that promote team building, inclusivity, and, most importantly, fun!


From delightful potluck gatherings to lively summer BBQs, we create opportunities for everyone to connect and enjoy each other's company. We celebrate our colleagues’ personal milestones and special life events, and to keep things exciting, we host interactive Kahoot! sessions, engaging our team in friendly competition and trivia.

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