Recent or soon-to-be graduates, your opportunity awaits!

As you wrap up your academic journey and prepare to launch your professional one, you might be wondering about the value of partnering with a recruitment firm like Agilus. What benefits can we offer to new career seekers? In a nutshell, opportunities. We distinguish ourselves by providing an exceptional candidate experience and by connecting you with companies that share our commitment to quality. Whether you're seeking temporary, contract, or permanent jobs, we're here to find the perfect fit for you.


Here are four reasons to partner with Agilus:

The Experts in Job Matching

Our team excels at finding the ideal job matches for recent graduates like you every day. With deep expertise in recruiting and placing employees across various industries and company sizes, we have the insights to discover opportunities that align with your unique background and aspirations. No matter your prior experience, there's a job out there for you, and we're here to guide you towards it.

Unparalleled Opportunities and Flexibility

Agilus empowers you with a wealth of job opportunities and the flexibility to chart your own course. Take control of your career by selecting assignments that resonate with your interests and skills. Whether you prefer part-time or full-time, short-term or long-term work placements, the possibilities are endless.

Free Services

Contrary to the adage that "nothing in life comes free," our employment services come at zero cost to you. Beyond matching candidates with suitable positions, we provide a treasure trove of complimentary job-related support. This includes valuable advice on crafting resumes, making them Applicant Tracking System (ATS)-friendly, and acing interviews, which can enhance your knowledge and experience, ultimately boosting your employability. We also post weekly blogs on various subjects related to career resources, economy, and future of work.

Here is a sample traditional resume for students and recent graduates.

Have you prepared a list of people who could give you a good reference should a potential employer asks for them? Read our blog on the best practices for providing references as their words can influence the employer’s decision and set the stage for your success in a new role.

A Bridge to Permanent Employment

If your goal is securing a permanent position, the Agilus approach makes perfect sense. More than half of our temporary and contract workers successfully transition to full-time employment. It's often an excellent strategy for gaining practical experience and transferable skills, and establishing a foothold in your desired industry. Who knows, taking on a temporary role might even be your steppingstone to landing your dream job!

Ready to embark on your career journey? Get started by creating a profile & submitting your resume so our recruiters can connect you with a suitable open opportunity. We also encourage you to search our current job openings and apply directly.