AI and Online Tools to Streamline Your Job Search

The current focus on artificial intelligence (AI) revolves around the potential job replacements it may bring. However, new generative AI tools are now emerging to assist job seekers in their search and help individuals navigate the process of different stages in their careers.

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives in this digital age, offering numerous tools and applications to simplify tasks and boost productivity. From managing to-do lists to creating professional resumes, AI has revolutionized how we search for work.

Four online and AI tools to make your next job search easier

  1. Remember The Milk – Task Management Made Easy

Applying for jobs can feel like a full-time job. You need to keep track of everywhere you apply to, how you’ve tailored your resume, when and where you have interviews, and research the organizations you’re applying to. Remember The Milk is an online to-do list and task management tool that ensures you never miss a deadline again. With the ability to manage tasks online and offline from your computer or smartphone, this application keeps you organized and on top of your responsibilities. It allows you to create, prioritize, and categorize tasks and set reminders to stay on track throughout the day.

  1. NAV - Score Careers or Job Offers 

With the power of AI-driven analysis and personalized human coaching, NAV provides instant feedback on your current or potential job opportunities. NAV ensures you receive the insights you need by evaluating your position against industry benchmarks and aligning with your career goals and expectations. Notably, the evaluation of your current job comes at no cost.

  1. Cover Letter Copilot – Generate Custom Cover Letters 

This free service utilizes generative AI to generate customized cover letters for users based on their resumes and job descriptions. Cover Letter Copilot simplifies the creation process by saving users’ personal information, making it as easy as copying and pasting the job listing to obtain a customized cover letter. Moreover, it streamlines the exporting process, allowing you to customize the cover letter design according to your preferences and conveniently export it as a PDF, all within a single platform.

  1. – Crafting Perfect Resumes with AI Assistance

Creating a standout resume is crucial in the job search process, and makes it a breeze. With the help of artificial intelligence and customizable templates, you can generate a beautiful and professional resume in minutes, impressing potential employers and increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

Two online jobseeker tools with AI features:

In addition to the online tools above, various platforms, including LinkedIn and Adzuna, have incorporated AI features into their products to strengthen job applications, offer career guidance, and generate personalized messages for reaching out to hiring managers.

LinkedIn – The World's Largest Professional Network Platform

Premium subscribers can use generative AI to draft personalized messages for contacting hiring managers, thus enhancing their job seekers’ experiences. Leveraging the power of generative AI and utilizing information from both your profile and the hiring manager's profile, along with the job description and the company of interest, LinkedIn has created highly personalized draft messages that serve as an ideal conversation starter.

This innovation builds upon their recent introduction of AI-powered writing suggestions for LinkedIn profiles, where they utilize the content already in your profile to craft engaging Headlines and About sections.

Adzuna Prepper - AI Interview Coach

Adzuna’s interview readiness tool, Prepper, uses AI to generate interview questions based on the job ad and provide feedback on responses, acting as a confidence booster for job seekers. It is designed to transform the way job seekers prepare for interviews. Users need to input the job title, job description, and company name, and the tool will produce the five most likely interview questions to be asked. Prepper allows candidates to practice their responses by entering draft answers. Then, the AI coach at Adzuna provides feedback scores and detailed suggestions for improvement, giving candidates a competitive edge.


As AI technology evolves, it becomes increasingly integrated into various career-related tools, empowering job seekers and assisting those contemplating career changes. However, users should remember that while AI tools can facilitate job-seeking processes, it is important to customize all communication and documents. Take the time to review and edit the drafts AI provided, ensuring they reflect your unique voice and personality, before sending them to the hiring managers.


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