Are you missing out on job opportunities? A recruitment firm can help.

The first week in June is Staffing Week in Canada. If you are not working with a recruitment and staffing firm and looking for a new role, perhaps it’s time you tried.

Job searching can be a challenging time. The process of searching for an opportunity, updating resume, applying, and waiting for a response, can feel like an endless cycle with little feedback. Most jobseekers rely on job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn etc., to find and apply for roles. However, there are many other avenues that can also help your job search.

In our past blogs, we have explored the benefits of volunteering to help with a job search and how to leverage your social media for finding a job. One of the best and perhaps underrated avenues for job search is working with a recruitment and staffing firm. An experienced and well-rounded firm can help you to minimize the complexities that you may encounter in your job search journey.

Whether you need help with creating or updating your resume, guidance on which jobs to apply, or developing your interview skills, a recruiter can be extremely helpful.

Here are 7 reasons why you should work with a recruitment firm to find a job in Canada:

1. Knowledge of the Labour Market:

A staffing & recruitment firm like Agilus has an in-depth understanding of the Canadian job market. With this understanding and industry connections, you can get valuable guidance on several aspects like:

a) Which jobs will be in demand in your sector: If you are thinking career change or upskilling, it is important to know that your skills and job will be in demand in future. For example, if you are working in technology, you may want to know which technical skills will be in demand in future.
b) How will your current job responsibilities be impacted by technological advancements: The impact of technological advancement has been disruptive to say the least, in possibly every sector. Knowing how your job responsibilities may change in future can help you prepare.
c) What are the future in demand skills: If you are considering upskilling, speaking with a recruitment expert from a staffing agency can help you decide which courses and certifications will be relevant and in demand in future. For instance, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are disrupting virtually every sector. It is imperative to know which AI skills you may need to stay relevant in your career.

2. Connections with key decision makers:

Recruitment firms interact with key decision makers daily. This includes hiring managers, CEOs and business owners at small, mid and large sized businesses. Agilus regularly interacts with business leaders to understand their changing perspectives on business, the economy and their talent needs.

If you are a candidate working with a recruiter, often they can reach out to prospective employers/business owners to review your profile. Hiring managers are often keen to consider candidates that have already been vetted and are ready to work.

3. Job search resources:

The abundance of job search resources can overwhelm you. A recruitment firm can help you work smarter by having a one stop resource for all your career and job search needs. Jobseekers can also benefit from the agency's targeted advice on job search strategies and tools. For example, career resources can answer:

  • How to write an experienced-based or skills-based resume?
  • What skills you must highlight in your resume?
  • How to get past the ATS?
  • How to write a cover letter?
  • What kind of interview questions you can expect in a job interview?

Many experts believe that 80% of jobs that get filled never get posted. These are jobs that do not exist online - these jobs may be confidential, or the company depends on their recruitment agency to fill these positions with their internal candidate database. Not working with a recruitment agency means you may miss out on this hidden job market.

4. Getting ahead in the talent competition:

One of the biggest challenges that most new job seekers face is getting ahead in a queue of applications. Research has shown that about 75% resumes are rejected at the ATS level. (Read our blog on how to optimize your resume for ATS)

Another research shows that only 10 - 15% of resumes that get through the ATS actually get an interview. Out of those, 85 - 90% get screened out through human review. Thus, getting your resume noticed by conventional methods can be daunting. Employers who are working with recruitment agencies rely on their speed, efficiency, and their well-established talent network to parse and select resumes.

If you are working with a recruiter, they can market your resume more effectively and move your application to the forefront in a prospective candidate pool. In many cases, applying directly to a role on an employer’s site may not garner the same level of response for you.

5. Establishing your credibility as a candidate:

Recruitment firms who specialize in technology, engineering or professional recruitment are well aware of what qualities hiring managers are looking for in their team. They can work with you to highlight these qualities through your resume and during your interviews. This helps to increase your chances of getting selected for a role.

In addition, employers who are working with recruitment agencies often rely on them to conduct background checks, talent assessments, and preliminary interviews to assess candidates for a job. If you are working with a recruitment agency, it is likely that proactively “pre-approve” you and directly present you to the hiring manager.

6. Legally protected:

Whether you are looking for work in a temporary, seasonal, contract, or full-time permanent role, there is a set of rules/regulations that your employer needs to follow pertaining to minimum wage, leave allowance, fair salary, workplace safety, etc. As someone who is aware of the nuances of job market, your recruiter will be knowledgeable about all these aspects and will ensure you find a role with fair pay and your rights are protected.

They will also inform you of your rights as an employee, ensure fair wages & safe working conditions as per Canadian law.

How do you know if your recruitment agency is operating under the law? One way to check is to ask if they are a member of ACSESS (the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services) which requires members to uphold the Association’s Code of Ethics & Standards.

7. Your long-term career partner:

Finding a job right now may seem like the most critical priority to you. However, many people who initially work with a recruitment firm to secure their first job, often work with that firm throughout their career. Whether they need to find new employment due an economic issue, they’ve outgrown the original role, looking to switch careers, or have moved, job seekers come back to their recruiter for trusted advice and new job opportunities.

Recruiters can guide you through your career journey with their expertise and vast employer network.

If you are looking for a reliable career partner for your job search, reach out to our team of highly-skilled recruiting consultants. For nearly half a century, Agilus has connecting job seekers with meaningful employment.

Every year we place thousands of job seekers in Technology, Office Professional, Engineering, and Trades/Technical roles. With over 100 recruiting consultants across Canada, we can help you find your next role or new career path with interview tools and resume support. For more information about Agilus, please follow us on LinkedInFacebookInstagram and Twitter or check out our current open roles.

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