Doing More and Less in 2023

In less than a week, we will be celebrating 2023. That often brings a plethora of New Year’s Resolutions that are quickly forgotten by February. In fact, January 19th is often called Quitters Day. Research has proven that by this date most of us have given up on our commitments to eat better, stop swearing, stay off our devices after 8 pm, etc.

Many of us use New Year’s Resolutions to unequivocally remove something bad for us or wholeheartedly embrace something good for us, although we already know it’s good for us and don’t do it. And nothing changes year after year; we commit, and we fail, commit and fail - not a great success story.

This year instead of absolutes, look at the new year as the opportunity to do more or less - not all or nothing. Traditional advice tells us to use SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) for many things that work. So, if you find yourself demotivated on February 1st, try thinking about the year cumulatively and moving forward - not looking back.

Questioning leads to understanding

Ask yourself some of these questions about 2022:

  • What things do I look back on less fondly? How can you do fewer of these things in 2023?
  • What did I commit to doing but did not enjoy? Was I surprised at the result?
  • If I do the same things this year as in 2022, would I be closer to my goals?
  • What things did I accomplish that I am most proud of? What would happen if I did more of those things?
  • How did I grow in 2022? Did I learn any new skills this year? Or take any risks?
  • What three things could I do to ensure I have a horrible year? How do I avoid these?
  • How did I recharge in 2022? Was it effective? Am I going into 2023, burnt out?
  • What are five of my best memories from 2022? What can I learn from these to bring with me in 2023?

Making room for good habits by doing less of something

If you want to do more of something, make room for it by doing less of something else. Filling up your days with more good things but not making room for them is a recipe for disaster in our over-scheduled, time-crunched world.

Time is the one resource we have a finite amount of. There are only 24 hours a day, and something must get squeezed out if you want to learn a new skill or read more. So consciously choosing what you do less means you’re not giving up on sleep or other essential activities like eating right or spending time with your family. Ideally, what you’re giving up has been giving you negative returns (doom-scrolling, Netflix binging etc.), so you are also removing those activities that are not fulfilling you.

Intentions lead to achievements

We asked #TeamAgilus what they were considering for the new year. Here are their answers:

DAVID LONG (Senior Recruitment Consultant, Edmonton): More travelling, more eating out and trying new foods. Less snow shoveling!

CAILLIE KELMAN (Senior Recruitment Consultant, Mississauga): In 2023, I want to be more present at home – less screen time – put my phone away!

YASMIN ERMINPOUR (Account Manager, Mississauga): Spend more time fostering relationships with family and friends and less time overthinking things.

LEAH REYNOLDS (Account Manager, Halifax): In 2023, I want more meaningful connections and conversations and less chasing candidates.

ROSE ARSENAULT (Market manager, Victoria): I’m looking forward to worrying less and enjoying more, eating healthier and exercising more, playing tourist in my hometown, experiencing new things and letting go of bad habits.

GILLIAN OSBORNE (Director, Operational Performance, Halifax): I want more time in the kitchen cooking and less time spent inside.

JULIE BRISTOW (Client Delivery Manager, Windsor): For 2023, I look forward to another successful year with the team and growing together.

CYNTHIA MOORE (Recruitment Consultant, Edmonton): I’m looking forward to living life more, getting out and trying new classes, getting more involved in the community, and travelling!

KYLA RIGBY (Manager, Talent & Diversity, Mississauga): I want to do more DEI work. It is at the forefront of many candidates’ minds and speaks directly to an organization’s culture. People want to feel that their ideas and experiences are valued and that they are working for a company that celebrates dynamic and diverse teams.

LORI-ANN SULLIVAN (Manager, Human Resources, Calgary): I want to be more present in the moment and reduce the amount of time I spend scrolling through social media.

TAMMY SHOREY (Team Lead, Finance, Edmonton): I am looking forward to getting out and doing more Camping and Hiking. Hopefully, our Kids are old enough this year now that we can get out more. Also, I would like to do fewer car-dependent activities on weeknights.

KYLE SOLIVEN (Junior Accountant, Edmonton): As much as I enjoy Jollibee, I want to spend more time at the gym and less time at Jollibee in 2023.

SUDAN CASHIN (Executive Assistant to the CEO, Mississauga): For me, it’s more sleep and less junk food.

TAMARA SMITH (VP Strategic Marketing, Mississauga): Be more curious and uncomfortable. Create more and overthink less.


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