How to fall in LOVE (with your job) again!

The covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes in the Canadian Job market. Millions are reconsidering their relationship to their jobs, according to a TIME magazine report. If you are also wondering how to rekindle the lost LOVE for your job again, here are 9 ways:

1) Learn something new - During the COVID many professionals focused on Upskilling. Learning something new helps you to experience a sense of accomplishment, translating into newfound interest in your work. It may even lead to increased job responsibilities as raise or promotion.

2) Build new connections - We are not talking about networking. Building new connections with people you work with can be a great way to feel excited about being at work. Try to find common interests that you can share, perhaps a hobby.

3) Practice mindfulness - Sometimes simply practicing mindfulness can help. Think about what made you fall in love with your job and why you are now disenfranchised. Finding the source of discontent can help you address it, before it wears you down.

4) Being grateful - “gratitude turns what we have into enough”- Aesop
Dedicate time to think about all the good things your work brought in your life, like financial stability, confidence, sense of achievement, happiness? Change of perspective can help us find appreciation for the opportunity we have.

5) Find your own project - Have you always wanted to start a book club or a newsletter at your workplace? Working on something you feel passionate about can help you feel re-energized at work. Make an actionable plan and start taking steps to make your project happen.

6) Personalize your office space with pictures or desk plants - According to Research published by the Harvard Business Review, “workers who were able to personalize their space had a greater sense of place identity, translating into improved workplace engagement and a stronger connection to the company”.

7) Take on more responsibilities - Getting bored with mundane responsibilities is quite a common occurrence in professional life. You may already be excelling at your duties but no longer enjoy them as you used to before. Speak with your manager to add some new exciting job duties and experience a new found interest in your job.

8) Take up a hobby - There is a reason why the phrase work+life is so important. Research has shown that employees who also pursue a hobby show higher levels of satisfaction with their job and have lesser likelihood of feeling burnt out.

9) Take a break - Taking a break is not always a bad idea unlike what the sitcom FRIENDS will have you believe! Make time for a weekend getaway or a vacation so you can feel rejuvenated and excited to return to work.

Falling in love with your job is an emotional and an introspective journey. It is imperative to keep making small changes to avoid feeling lost or trapped. If you have tried everything you could and still feel that you need a change, it is best to take some time off and find a job you love!

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