Resolutions in 2024

2024 is less than a week away! For many in Canada, it's time for new year's resolutions! Most of us identify a new goal or resolution each year, whether it is going to the gym more often, reducing coffee consumption, or curbing screen time. Despite how committed you might be or how easily achievable your resolution is, research shows that people fail to achieve it at the same rate. 

Following through a new year's resolution for the next 365 days is not an easy task. In fact, research indicates that most people will fail on their resolutions by the 19th of January. In spite of such poor statistics, having a new year's resolution is fairly common. There is something motivating about the start of a new year with a fresh commitment to making a change. Research shows that at least 38% of adults will make a new year's resolution. 

Wondering what are the most common resolutions for 2024? Take a guess!

Here are the most popular new year resolutions for 2024 according to Forbes:

  • Improved fitness (48%)
  • Improved finances (38%)
  • Improved mental health (36%)
  • Lose weight (34%)
  • Improved diet (32%)
  • Make more time for loved ones (25%)
  • Stop smoking (12%)
  • Learn a new skill (9%)
  • Make more time for hobbies (7%)
  • Improve work-life balance (7%)
  • Travel more (6%)
  • Meditate regularly (5%)
  • Drink less alcohol (3%)
  • Perform better at work (3%)

What are #teamagilus resolutions for 2024?

We asked #TeamAgilus what they were considering for the new year. Here are their answers:

LORI-ANN SULLIVAN (Manager, Human Resources, Calgary): For 2024, my intention is to consciously make decisions that align with my “future self”. This year I will reduce the number of lower priority goals and distractions that would dilute my long-term vision.

CHARLOTTE HOLLINGSWORTH (Recruitment Team Lead, Calgary): I want to read 150 books (beating this year's goal of 120) and to consciously diversify my reading to include more non-fiction books and books by BIPOC authors. 

GEORGIA SMITH (Account Manager, Alberta Pro - Calgary): For 2024 I'm dedicated to swapping out all household and beauty products for cleaner, non-toxic alternatives. Here's to the power of incremental changes and a year of personal growth, self-care, and a toxin-free life. 

BLAKE BARGE (Vice President, Information Technology): In the coming year, I plan on travelling more. That includes just getting my self and the dogs out of town for the weekend and exploring new places. Alongside my journeys, I'm committed to embracing a healthier lifestyle by reducing snacks and prioritizing wholesome food choices. 

JEFFREY BOWEN (VP Operational Excellence, Calgary ): My goal in 2024 is to be better at letting go of the things I can’t control so that I can be more productive with my time, energy, and focus.

GILLIAN OSBORNE (Director, Operational Performance, Halifax): I will turn 50 in 2024 and I am going to prioritize self care; restorative sleep, consistent skincare, more water, less candy. 

CHLOE YE (Service Coordinator, Calgary): My goal in 2024 is prioritize fitness, eat healthy and finish reading all the books on my bookshelf. 

SUDAN CASHIN (Executive Assistant to the CEO, Mississauga): For me, it’s more sleep and less junk food.

TAMARA SMITH (VP Strategic Marketing, Mississauga): Less screen time, more water!

GAURI SATHE (Marketing & Communications Specialist, Mississauga): I am looking forward to reconnecting with myself, prioritizing fitness and mental health this year. My goals for 2024 are to read more, lift more and be happier.

KARYN BOND (Director, Contingent Workforce Management, Calgary): My goals in 2024 are to prioritize self care, make time to read more and dedicate time to give back.

While research shows that resolutions are often forgotten, but it doesn't have to be that way. 2024 may just be the transformational year that you've been waiting for.


  • Each small step in the right direction gets you closer to your goal
  • Create a vision board of the new you
  • Write down why this goal is important to you
  • Ask others to hold you accountable
  • Hang out with friends who are already doing what you want to achieve
  • Reward yourself; small rewards along the way give you a sense of accomplishment
  • Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day; tomorrow is a new day

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