The most in-demand Engineering roles in Canada in 2022-23

We briefly touched upon the ever-increasing need for skilled engineers in our list of the Top 10 in-demand Jobs in Canada in 2022-23, but there’s a lot more to the field of engineering, particularly the different types of engineering roles that are in demand. “Engineering” is a broad field that encompasses several different types of roles but one thing is for certain – engineers are builders – digitally or physically.  

“Engineers create that which has never been.” - Albert Einstein, physicist 

Different types of engineers have jobs that are completely different from one another, with each of those types having a number of different niches. Job seekers starting a career in engineering will always find openings for their specialization, and employers and recruiters will never have enough engineering candidates with unique backgrounds and versatile skill sets for the demand. 

Below are five of the most in-demand engineering roles in Canada in 2022-23 – in no particular order. 


The most in-demand engineering roles in Canada in 2022-23 

Electrical Engineers 

Electrical engineers build, test, and monitor the manufacturing of electrical equipment. From 2019-2028, new job openings for electronics engineers in Canada are expected to total 13,300. Ontario and Quebec especially offer plenty of jobs for electrical and electronics engineers due to the sheer volume of manufacturing activity. 

Available jobs: Current job openings for Electrical Engineers in Canada 

Top specializations: 

  • Control systems engineer 
  • Electrical network engineer 
  • Electronics engineer 
  • Test engineer 

Employment estimates by province:  Electrical engineering demand(Source: EngineersCanada) 


Chemical Engineers 

In a broader sense, chemical engineers develop chemical manufacturing processes. Chemical engineers are most in-demand in Western Canada, where energy production is concentrated. Chemical engineers also often opt for research-based and government jobs over purely application-based jobs. 

Available jobs: Current job openings for Chemical Engineers in Canada 

Top specializations: 

  • Polymers 
  • Biomedical engineering 
  • Food processing 

Employment estimates by province:  

Chemical engineering demand(Source: EngineersCanada) 


Mechanical Engineers 

Mechanical engineers design absolutely anything with moving parts, and are one of the most popular engineering majors due to the broad scope of applications in all kinds of devices and systems. Canada is expected to have 11,300 new job openings for mechanical engineers between 2019-2028, with more opportunities opening up in sectors working on renewable energy. 

Available jobs: Current job openings for Mechanical Engineers in Canada 

Top specializations: 

  • Automation, robotics, and mechatronics 
  • Computational engineering 
  • Machine and automotive design 
  • Fluid Mechanics 

Employment estimates by province:  

Mechanical engineering demand (Source: EngineersCanada) 


Civil Engineers 

With skylines noticeably changing every decade, it’s no surprise that the demand for civil engineers keeps growing. Civil engineers largely work on infrastructure and are particularly in demand in British Columbia and Alberta. 

Available jobs: Current job openings for Civil Engineers in Canada 

Top specializations: 

  • Geotechnical engineering 
  • Construction and structural engineering 
  • Environmental engineering 

Employment estimates by province:  

Civil engineering demand(Source: EngineersCanada) 


Software/IT/Computer Engineers  

We’ve been hearing “the future is digital” for the last two decades and it has never been truer thanks to the pandemic. Software has applications in everything you can think of, and innovation keeps pushing the capabilities of what technology can do. It’s not surprising that the demand for software engineers between 2019-2028 is expected to be 27,500 (new job openings) in Canada, with only 24,000 job seekers available to fill in these positions. 

Available jobs: Current job openings for Software Engineers in Canada 

Top specializations: 

  • Software/app developers 
  • Data and business intelligence 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • Cybersecurity 

Employment estimates by province:  

Chemical engineering demand-4(Source: EngineersCanada) 


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If you missed out on our list of top engineering jobs in 2021, you can check it here. According to Engineers Canada, there will be a need for over 100,000 new engineers before 2025, and with industries pushing the boundaries of technology, machinery, infrastructure, as well as medicine, the demand could further grow in the future. You can also check out all of the available engineering jobs in Canada here (spoiler: the list never ends). 

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