Holiday Job Search – Tis the Season

There’s lot of advice out there saying this is the worst time to be looking for a job. But it’s actually a great time. While other job seekers are sipping eggnog, you can stand out in the crowd.

Continuing your job search during the holidays can feel like a pretty tough task. However, if you use your holiday time efficiently, you might just land a new job early in the new year.

Here are some helpful hints on how to continue your job search, in the holiday season:

Spread Holiday Cheer

Never liked networking? Holidays are a great time to reconnect with your contacts, especially those who are working in your desired industry. 

Currently, people are filling their days catching up with friends and family. In fact, most people are feeling generous and looking for ways to spread holiday cheer and give back. You can start by sending warm holiday wishes and an invitation to meet over coffee. You may have met several job seekers during last few job search months who have landed an opportunity. Why not reconnect with them and find more about their job search success?

Take Advantage of the Season

It is common for most job seekers to take a break from job searching during this time of year. This seems reasonable, as most managers are not in office. However, as a job seeker, you can use the reduced number of applicants to your advantage. As fewer people are actively applying, the chances of you landing an interview are much better.

Many companies post jobs in the second or third week of December especially when they intend to hire early next year. By applying to such jobs during the holidays, you can get your resume noticed ahead of the competition.

Stay Busy

The holidays may be a slow time for most companies, but they are the busiest time for retail and service industries. Most businesses operating in these two sectors need extra help and are looking to hire for temporary positions.

Although you may not be interested in a temporary job, it can help you to build your credibility as a potential hire. Job seekers often work temporary placements and convince managers to offer them a permanent role, by performing well in their job.

Another avenue is engaging in volunteer opportunities. Many philanthropic groups and organisations are looking for people who would be eager to help them in the holiday season, when their regular staff is on break. Why not use that opportunity to showcase your skills and acumen? Volunteer opportunities also help you to connect with the local community and build connections. These can translate into opportunities going forward.

Schedule Time for Work and Play

Holiday distractions are one of the biggest deterrents in establishing a schedule during the holidays. However, focusing and keeping up the momentum is key for your holiday job search. Make sure to not let things slow down.

Create a list of to-dos each day, even if it is something like research on professional networks and social media, for example, sending connection requests on LinkedIn, connecting to potential recruiters, hiring managers or finding companies that are hiring.

A ‘To-Do’ list helps you organize your search and stay focused. You can form a Holiday Job Search Schedule to plan and set key goals over the holiday week. Spending each day accomplishing one goal can make you feel positive and keep you motivated towards finding a job. Don’t forget to schedule some downtime. Plan a small reward every time you meet a goal.

It can be challenging to focus on your job search during the holidays. Following the above tactics can help to stay motivated and make progress. Also, remember to follow up on those holiday meetings and job applications, during the second week of the next year. Good luck and happy holidays!

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