Interviewing in the winter? Check out these fashion tips.

Making the best first impression is imperative to a successful interview. And your attire will play a key role. If dressing for an interview wasn’t hard enough, the freezing weather makes it even harder to pull together an impressive outfit, that looks just right for the job you are applying to.

Our tips to help you choose your interview outfit this winter season.

1. Outerwear

There is a chance that you may be tempted to step out in your regular, thick puffer parka and balaclava to beat the freeze or suffer with your favourite thin fall jacket. But when it comes to an interview, experts recommend investing in a formal and warm jacket or coat. Make sure that it fits you well. Usually, mid-thigh or longer coats give an extra polished look and cover the bottom of your blazer or suit jacket. But a trench coat can also work for a classy look. You can find several options which have additional lining or wool to give extra comfort in cold weather. For a strictly formal look, choose black, grey or even dark blue colours for outer layers. Relaxed looks can include light or pastel colours or patterns.

There will likely be a closet or chair to hang your coat on - take advantage of it. You’ll want to be comfortable and not over heat during your interview.

2. Footwear

Footwear is an important accessory to complete your outfit. For a polished look, it is a good idea to match your coat and footwear. Pick a professional-looking neutral or black pair so that they can match most of your outfits and your coat. If the weather is going to be snowy and you will be outside, wear your snow boots and carry your formal shoes. You can change into the shoes after reaching indoors, before your interview.

3. Layering

One of the top tricks to stay comfortable in both, indoor and outdoor temperatures is layering. Remember that although it may be freezing outside, the temperatures indoor are controlled. Thus, it is equally important to focus on wearing winter-friendly comfortable fabrics underneath your outer clothing. Opt for breathable, non-wrinkle fabrics, and subtle prints or solid colours to keep your outfit professional even underneath your winter jacket.

4. Remember the details

Choosing what to wear for a winter interview is never easy. Your outfit needs to make you look professional but should also keep you warm throughout your commute, especially if you are using the transit.

When it comes to finalising an outfit, there are three crucial things that you need to think about:

  • the type of company you are interviewing

  • the weather conditions throughout the day

  • your commute (subway, driving, walking, etc.)

Different companies expect different styles of dressing and it will be usually mentioned in your interview invitation. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure that it is suited for changing weather conditions throughout the day. Choosing a comfortable and presentable outfit is extremely important to sail confidently through your interview.

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