Looking for more flexibility in your career?

Whether it’s hours to accommodate your lifestyle, less travel, or something to supplement your Etsy business income, many people are turning to jobs in the Light Industrial industry.

What is Light Industrial?

Light Industrial is regarded as a part of the manufacturing and distribution sector but refers to the manufacturing and/or distribution of products that usually require only a small number of raw materials.

Take a quick inventory at the products around your home. You will find most of things you own fit into this sector. Light Industrial includes the manufacturing and distribution of products like packaged foods, consumer electronics, furnishings, clothing, printed materials. In fact, many of these products are made and shipped from facilities in your neighborhood.

What Jobs are found in Light Industrial?

Having supported the Light Industrial recruitment sector for more than four decades, Agilus has helped many businesses find top candidates, and helped candidates find temporary, contract or permanent work in the Light Industrial sector. Some of the most common roles in this field include:


Order Picker/Packager

Warehouse Associate

Production Worker

Automotive Assembler

Machine Operator

Forklift Operator

Distribution Manager

Production Manager


What does it Pay?

The compensation for roles in the Light Industrial sector totally depends on the role. Positions that need licenses like Forklift Operators have higher pay rate than others. Most Light Industrial positions are contract with hourly rates and shift premiums for night and seasonal work. Some positions also offer incentive bonuses based on production, attendance and/or safety programs.

Do I need Training, Education & Certification?

One of the best aspects of starting a career in Light Industrial, is that most entry level roles do not require any experience or education. You can start working with minimal training. However, roles such as Machine Operators need experience and certifications.

The Light Industrial sector also has management roles. These may require specific education such as in Supply Chain Management or certifications such as Kaizen or Lean.

How is the Job Market?

We are living in a world where we shop for our wardrobe online, we order groceries to our door and can now buy our car out of a vending machine. In this world where products are always moving, the Light Industrial industry is booming! E-Commerce is redefining logistics and resulting in more automated and technologically-driven distribution centers. As this industry advances, there is a constant need for reliable professionals. In fact according to recent statistics, Canada’s manufacturing sector is expected to face skills shortages which will likely grow as the Canadian population ages.

Is it Right for me?

Light Industrial jobs can have many advantages for new Canadians, students seeking part-time work, part-time job seekers and even those considering a second career.

  • Easy to start a career with minimal training
  • Flexibility to decide work hours as most positions are contract based & shift work
  • Possibility of exploring industrial career through multiple assignments
  • Gaining experience and income while studying/ training
  • Possibility for career growth by graduating to management positions.

Interested in exploring a career in the Light Industrial sector? Check out our open roles here!

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