Why Newcomers seeking employment should work with a recruitment firm

Statistics indicate that the Canadian economy is significantly influenced by immigration. This means Canada has a conducive environment to support and encourage immigrants to find jobs or set up businesses. Canada welcomed 184,624 immigrants in 2020 despite COVID-19.

Finding a job is one of the most critical aspects of settling in as a new immigrant in Canada. However, it can get overwhelming when you have recently landed in Canada and may not be aware of the Canadian job market trends, the demand for your profession, or just where to begin your job search journey.

Most people either rely on the Internet, LinkedIn, or their local contacts to get an understanding of the Canadian job market. However, many job discussion forums and professional networks often have contradictory and sometimes incorrect information. This can lead to confusion and perhaps take you further away from your desired career goal.

Working with a recruitment agency

Thankfully, working with an experienced and well-established recruitment firm will eliminate complexities that you may encounter otherwise. Here are 7 reasons why Newcomers should work with a recruitment agency to find a job in Canada:

1.     Job market:

Recruitment agencies who have worked with versatile skillsets, professionals, and business leaders in Canada’s job market can add decades of experience and knowledge to your job search journey.

With unparalleled knowledge of in-demand skills, the Canadian job market, and extensive connections with prospective employers/business owners, recruitment agencies can help you to find a job that suits your skills, education, and career goals. 

2.     Legally protected:

Whether you are looking for work in a temporary, seasonal, contract, or full-time permanent role, there is a set of rules/regulations that your employer needs to follow pertaining to minimum wage, leave allowance, workplace safety, etc. As a Newcomer, you may be unaware of what these rules and regulations are entitled to you.

A reputable recruitment firm will inform you of your rights as an employee, ensure fair wages & safe working conditions as per Canadian law. Moreover, if you face any issues, they will intervene and resolve the matter with your employer in a legally fair manner.

How do you know if your recruitment agency is operating under the law? One way to check is to ask if they are a member of ACSESS (the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services) which requires members to uphold the Association’s Code of Ethics & Standards.

 3.     Guidance & advice:

The job skills or qualifications accepted in your country of origin may be different than those accepted in Canada. Many professions in Canada are regulated or you need a certain certification/degree or license to practice them. If you are not aware of these requirements, you can potentially lose out on opportunities without knowing why.

Connecting with a recruitment agency means you get the guidance and advice to get your foot in the door. If you already have a job and want to explore how you can get to the next level, recruiters from reputable recruitment agencies can guide you and suggest the right path to your career goal. If you need a license or a certification for a job, your recruitment agency can advise you.

4.     Job search:

“Where should I look for a job?” The abundance of job search resources can confuse and puzzle you. You may not be aware of which digital platforms, websites, Job boards, Career fairs, networking events, etc. are ACTUALLY beneficial for your career. Recruiters can advise you in such situations.

Moreover, you can also get advice on job search tools from them, such as:

  5.   Representing you on your behalf:

One of the biggest challenges that most new job seekers face is getting ahead in a queue of applications and distinguishing themselves in a vast pool of job seekers. Most reputable employers rely on recruitment agencies to carry out the sourcing and recruitment on their behalf due to speed, efficiency, and their well-established talent network. In many cases, applying directly to a role may thus not garner the response job applicants are looking for.

Recruitment agencies have in-depth experience and understanding of what clients are looking for in terms of skill set. At the same time, they are also experienced in determining what type of position will match a particular candidate's profile. This means they can market your resume more effectively and move your application to the forefront in a prospective candidate pool.

Lastly, there are many jobs that do not exist online, as they may be confidential or simply that the company depends on their agency of choice to fulfill all of their workforce planning. This can account for between 40% - 80% of open roles. Not working with a recruitment agency means you may miss out on this hidden job market.

6.     Establishing your credibility as a candidate:

Employers often rely on recruitment firms to conduct background checks, talent assessments, and preliminary interviews to assess candidates for a job.

If you are working with a recruitment agency that is representing your candidature for a role, it helps to establish your credibility as a good and suitable candidate for a role, since you may have already passed the preliminary barriers of “required qualification” for a role.

7.     Your long-term career partner:

Finding a job right now may seem like the most critical priority to you. However, if you are someone looking for a long-term plan to settle and grow professionally in Canada, it is imperative for you to connect with a recruitment agency of record.

Their recruiters can guide you through your career journey with their expertise and vast employer network.

Whether you are on a work permit or have recently landed in Canada as a permanent resident with your family members, it can get overwhelming to search for a job, plan career progression or think about career change while settling into a new country. But you’ve chosen a great country - Canada is a friendly, welcoming place and Canadians want you to succeed. Now is the best time to find the job you want. To get detailed guidance, find the right recruitment agency near you and get started.

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