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2023 was a very exciting year for Agilus as we continued to connect candidates with meaningful opportunities and clients with qualified, ready to work candidates. Our main themes for clients the past year were tips on recruiting, building EVP and finding right candidates for their teams. For our candidate community, 2023 was focused on career tips,  job search, professional development and generative AI. Like other company blogs, artificial intelligence dominated many of our themes as we figure out how to get the most benefit from AI without triggering Armageddon. 

As we begin our content journey for 2024, here is a list of our most widely read blogs throughout the last year. We also included a few honourable mentions that we enjoyed writing.

1. Canada’s in-demand engineering jobs with salaries
The National Engineering Month was an opportune moment to highlight the increasing demand for qualified and experienced engineers in Canada and the salaries in this sector for different specializations. Salaries in this sector can vary widely depending on the specific job, years of experience and industry. As Canada’s largest engineering recruitment firm, we analyzed data from placements our recruiters have made in 2023.

2. 5 Employment trends that are likely to dominate 2024.
What is the key to finding talent this year? This December blog explores employment trends that will dominate the year 2024. An excellent client resource for planning your recruitment and hiring strategy, this blog highlights what are the considerations that qualified employees will look for while selecting who to work for and what are the key competencies to look for in your future employee. A must read if you are planning to build a team, hire new people or generally want to stay abreast of the latest recruiting trends!

3. Should you use AI to generate your cover letter?
AI has become a critical tool for many job seekers. It is popularly used for writing resumes and generating cover letters. While lack of personalization, incorrect tone of voice or quality are things job seekers need to watch for and edit, there is no doubt that AI generated cover letters has some advantages. Read on to decide if you should use AI to generate your next cover letter. 

4. AI and online tools to streamline your job search
Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives in this digital age. AI has revolutionized job search with numerous tools and applications. These days job seekers are able to create professional resumes, make cover letters and take job search one notch up simply by employing AI. Wondering how AI can help your job search? Explore our suggestions on online and AI tools.


5. Resign from your job the right way: what to include or leave out
Many employees are planning to move to a new role in 2024 and are already interviewing, getting an offer or just have made up their mind to resign before finding a new role. Whatever the case, it is important to end a professional commitment properly. Read on to find out how to draft a proper resignation letter and what to include/exclude in it. 


6. Tips to master salary negotiations: When, how & what else to consider
Whether you are starting a new job or being offered a promotion, negotiating your salary can be a tad uncomfortable. However, it is crucial to ensure that you are compensated fairly for your work. Keep our salary negotiation tips handy for your next salary negotiation. .


7. How can action words help your resume stand out? Here are 50+ ways.
Industry research states that on average recruiters spend 6-8 seconds looking at your CV before they decide whether you are suitable for their vacancy or not. While this statistic may sound discouraging, there are ways to make your resume stand out and make the recruiter want to know more. Our list of 50 plus action words in your resume can help you make a lasting impression on your hiring manager. 

8. Choose the right resume format for different stages in your career
Your resume is the first point of introduction that any hiring manager or recruiter has with you. Hence it is the most critical tool that you have to market your skills and competencies. There are more than one resume formats that help support your professional profile, depending on the type of profession you are in, the seniority etc. Read on to know the different types of resume formats and choose the one that best compliments your skills and profession.


Want to read more? 

Here are some honourable mentions that our team enjoyed writing.

1. Advice to technology professionals from ChatGPT
In this fun blog, we asked ChatGPT what advice it would give to future technology professionals and the response was both funny and informative. Read the blog and let us know what you thought about the advice and how much do you agree with ChatGPT.


2. The evolving workforce: Exploring flexibility, equity, and the power of AI
At Agilus, our team is curious and excited about what future of work is. This past June we held a panel discussion with business leaders from Calgary to get their perspective on how the future of work will be shaped. Read our blog to discover how flexibility,  Diversity and Inclusion, and AI will dominate the future of work, among other trends.  

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